Jeddah Tower, Saudi-Arabia

Project Description

The lateral resisting structural system of the high-rise tower with a final height of 1.007 m consists of a tapered, triangular reinforced concrete tube. At its three corners, the tube is continued by double-layered wing-walls, resulting in a three-legged building plan. The wing-walls are braced by additional lateral walls, also used as vertical supports for the flat slabs. The foundation is formed by a pile foundation in combination with a massive raft plate.

For an optimized construction process, the reinforced concrete system is designed without adding any columns, floor beams our outrigger-systems. Hence, the main structure system only consists of walls and pates that can be fabricated using climbing formwork or conventional slab formwork.

Our engineering services include the areas of additional structural analyses and execution planning, design of the temporary, convertible frameworks and supports for the climbing cranes as well as advising the general contractor

Building Owner

Jeddah Economic Company (JEC), Jeddah/Saudi-Arabia


Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill, Chicago/USA

Main Structural Designer

Thornton Tomasetti, Chicago/USA

General Constractor / Client

Saudi Binladin Group, Jeddah/Saudi-Arabia

Realization Period



530 000 m³