Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry of the University Hospital Munich

Project Description

Outpatient clinic, childhood- and adolescent department, intensive care and daycare clinics are located on the regular floors, management and administration as well as the roof terrace are placed on the recessed fourth floor.

The building measure includes the demolition of the south wing of the neurological clinic and the new construction of a five-story building with basement as a reinforced-concrete skeleton structure. The contruction has a length of 34 m and a width of 18 m.

The execution of the construction pit in extremely confined spaces has required a back-anchored support system. The new building construction had to be designed with a functional and structural connection to the existing building.


State Construction Department Munich 2


State Construction Department Munich 2

Gross Area / Volume

2.960 m² / 12.600 m³


2006 - 2009