Parking Garage with Energy Center, Neckarpark, Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt

Project Description

A parking garage for cars and bicycles of the residents and workers in the new quarter, with an integrated energy center to supply the surrounding buildings. The building dimensions are 55 x 40 x 16m.

The space of the basement and the ground floor is shared between the energy center, which houses two-storey-high buffer tanks, gas condensing boilers, cogeneration units, and a high number of transformers, and parking places for cars and also bicycles (on the ground floor), guaranteeing a comfortable usage.

The type of construction varies through the building, from a pure reinforced concrete construction in the basement and a core consisting of ramps and their lateral walls, to a mixture of reinforced concrete construction and a steel-concrete-composite construction in the ground floor. The latter is also used for the storeys above, excluding the roof, which completes the building with a pure steel construction.

The steel beams carrying the loads from the ceilings, reach from the walls, which run alongside the ramps, to the inclined steel columns of the facade. These square steel columns are used to carry the vertical loads to the ground, as well as stiffening the complete structure.

To ensure noise protection for the residents, the diamonds situated on the north side were filled with glass elements, whilst the diamonds along the east, south and west sides of the building were covered with a stainless-steel net, which provides both fall protection and acts as a growing aid for the greenery.


City of Stuttgart

Architect and Building planning

ASP Architekten, Stuttgart

Structural Engineering

Mayr | Ludescher | Partner


13.100 m² / 44.000 m³

Planning / construction period

08/2017 - 06/2020