Prince Sultan Cultural Center, Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia

Project Description

Cable-net with a total surface area of 15 000 m² (mesh size 0.50 m), 2-layer membrane suspended from the cable net, support of the roof structure by 5 internal masts (cable-net eyes) as well as 28 anchoring points at the boundary (boundary cable), foundation anchoring of tensile forces by means of prestressed soil anchors

Engineering services: conceptual design, form-finding including dead load as well as structural stiffness of supporting elements, structural analysis, structural design, analysis of erection stages and prestressing of cable-net, procurement documents for structural steel and cable net including foundations and soil anchors


Kingdom of Saud-Arabia, Ministry of Higher Education
King Saud University, Riyadh


SL-Rasch GmbH

Realization Period

2001 - 2002