Mecca Clock Tower, Saudi-Arabia

Project Description

The main load bearing structure of the tower with a total height of 601 m is characterized by a mixture of different methods of construction. The high-rise structure, which is realized in the lower part as a pure reinforced concrete construction, is transformed into a fire-resistant steel-concrete-composite construction at a level of +347 m in order to reduce the self weight. The upper part of the tower, starting from a height of +513 m, is executed as a pure steel construction. The Crescent with a diameter of 23 m which is completing the top of the tower is realized as a space-forming monocoque structure consisting of  glass/carbon-composite material.

In parallel with the material change, the bracing system is being converted from a pure core-wall system into a light trussed-tube system which geometrically follows the straining actions.

Our engineering work included here the structural design, structural optimization, and the execution planning of the main structure starting from level +347 m. The structural engineering also included the floor-framing and slab design, the design of special structures for elevator shafts, cladding constructions, and long-span stair systems.

Moreover, our spectrum included both the consulting of the contractor companies in terms of site execution and the structural engineering of various special structures for the support and bracing of the construction cranes for internal and exterior climbing.

Beyond this, Mayr|Ludescher|Partner has fulfilled the role of the technical supervision and quality control of fabrication and site execution planning of other companies involved in this construction project.


Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia
Saudi Binladin Group, Jeddah, Saudi-Arabien


Dar Al Handasah, Cairo
SL-Rasch GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Realization Period


Gross Area/Volume

- / 330 000 m³