Luitpoldbridge Augsburg

Project Description

Four lane road and tramway bridge overcrossing the river Wertach and the Wertachchannel. Additional turning-lane at the eastern abutment. Two tramway lanes are situated in the middle of the bridge section. The total length is 100 m.

Steel composite deck construction supported on concrete pillars and abutments with deep foundations. The two bridge superstructures are connected monolithically at the dam region without the use of bearings and construction joints.

The bridge was built in two construction phases:

1. Deconstruction of the first half of the existing bridge was followed by the construction of the first half of the new bridge
2. After rerouting of the traffic to the first half of the new bridge the deconstruction was completed followed by the construction of the second half of the new bridge.


City of Augsburg

Object Planning & Construction Management

Mayr|Ludescher|Partner in working group
with architect Felix Schürmann, Munich

Structural Design



Civil engineering prize “Resource-conserving construction” of the Bavarian Chamber of Construction Engineering, 2nd prize