Faculty of machine engineering Leibniz University Hannover

Project Description

The construction project includes 4 buildings with offices and laboratorys, spacious experiment and assembly halls with an eaves height up to 18m, a building for lecture halls with a transparent foyer, a canteen with a tall open refectory with a high use of glass, a SeKoM-Building with space for seminars, an open access library, computer labs, the offices of the Dean of Studies and the student association. Furthermore there is a roof terrace wich can be used for events.


Synergy effects of planning, producing and completion of pre-cast concrete elements were used to come up with an innovative solution in structural engineering to meet the high artistic demands made by the architecture.

The whole planning process was based on a 3D-BIM-modell.


Leibniz Universität Hannover


Auer Weber, München

Gross Area / Volume

45.000 m² / 320.000 m³


2013 - 2017