Conversion of the Lehrturm Ludwigstraße, LMU München

Project Description

The scope of the project was the conversion of the existing corner tower of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich to a teaching tower accommodating three auditoriums:
The existing building had to be gutted to the first floor and the existing structure had to be surveyed. In order to provide an access to the underground station, the ground floor was altered at an earlier stage. These alterations had to be considered as well as construction stages. The whole roof was reconstructed including a continuous roof light framed light-band. The roof structure is a steel structure which is only supported at its four edges.
New intermediate ceilings consisting of reinforced concrete with hollow blocks in order to reduce the weight were designed.


Freistaat Bayern represented by Staatl. Bauamt München 2


Scheme Design: Staatliches Bauamt München 2
Design for Construction: Koller + Singhof Architekten