Vocational School Center, Munich

Project Description

Vocational School for approx. 1900 students for the education in the Real Estate and Media business, IT Management and Office Communication


Comb structure with five 4-storey buildings, each approx. 70 x 20 m, with overhanging façade and staircase, cost-optimised use of light-weight concrete and composite structure, underground car parking with 149 spaces, assembly hall including canteen and stage in fire resistant reinforced concrete and steel structure, quadruple section sports hall with timber and steel structure, 16 x 200 m steel-glass structure with integrated PV system as noise barrier


City of Munich, Baureferat H4


Bauer Kurz Stockburger, Munich

Gross Area / Volume

3.180 m² / 16.150 m³


2001 - 2006