Residential Building in Parkstadt Schwabing, Munich

Project Description

Residential building with 50 residential units and underground car park (16 parking slots) of building class 5 in Parkstadt Schwabing in Munich.
The building, with basement / underground garage, ground floor, 4 additional upper floors and a staggered floor, was predominantly built in solid construction. Both the floors and cores (staircases and elevator shafts) were made of reinforced concrete, whilst the exterior walls are insulating brick. The staggered storey was constructed using timber. It’s set back from the east and south façades, on the roof slab of the 4th upper floor.


Beamtenwohnungsverein München eG


bogevischs büro, München

Gross Area / Volume

7 250 m² / 22 300 m³


2015 - 2018