Residential Building Aschenbrennerstraße, Munich

Project Description

Construction of a 5-storey residential complex with overall 78 dwelling units. The units are arranged in 5 nearly equally sized modules including underground parking with 81 parking spaces. The building has a total length of approx. 140 m. The project has a building area of 5745m² and is a mixed-income housing project where three of the modules are subsidised housing and two modules containing market-rate units.

The structure of the buildings is made of reinforced concrete with a slightly curved and oscillating façade line. The length of a single module varies between 27 and 28 m with a width between 11 and 13m.
The vertical circulation cores are in-situ concrete, whereas the 44cm thick exterior walls are precast sandwich elements with 18cm core insulation. Precast concrete elements, which are thermally isolated from the building, are used for the circumferential balconies.
All prefabricated elements are exposed and therefore have a high grade concrete finish. The sanitary walls are storey-high prefabricated elements with fully integrated installation. The base slab in the underground parking is a non-bearing concrete slab without reinforcement.


GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH, München


bogevischs buero - architekten & stadtplaner gmbh , München

Gross Area / Volume

12.930 m² / 38.560 m³


2009 - 2013