Philosophy & Approach


The focus of our work lies in the design and planning of structures for buildings and bridges. Our spectrum of structural engineering services here covers concrete, masonry, steel, and timber structures.
A further main focus of our office is the structural design, detail design, and execution planning of lightweight structures like cable nets and membranes, cable structures, steel-glass structures, and further special structures.

For engineering structures like bridges and other infrastructure projects the offices acts as both the object planner and the structural designer. Here in general we are working together in a team with an architect. The complete scope of works is covered including the conceptual design, approval design, execution planning, preparation of bidding documents and consulting for awarding of building contracts, quality control and construction site supervision and management.

In all projects our goal is to provide a structural design which is optimized and cost-effective with respect to the particular building assignment, combined with both a resource-saving material-usage and a detail design of high quality and aesthetics.