Nursing Home and Therapy Centre II - Helfende Hände e.V.

Project Description

The scope of the project was the design of a nursing home for people with severe multiple disabilities. The project comprises of four one-storey nursing homes arranged alternately shifted. A two-storey short-term rest home and an education and therapy centre are attached in the south.
The external walls of the one storey nursing home are made of masonry, the flat roof of solid wood with an extensive green roof. The habitable rooms are located beneath the single-pitch roof consisting of a steel-/wood- structure. The lateral stability of the building is achieved by the timber floors acting as a diaphragm together with the external masonry walls.

The short-term nursing home has two full storeys with reinforced concrete slabs, load-bearing masonry and reinforced concrete walls. The roof slab is also made of solid wood.

The walls and the roof slab of the one-storey education and therapy centre are made of reinforced concrete. Parts of the centre are covered with a single-pitch roof as steel-timber structures.


Helfende Hände e.V.


Bauer Kurz Stockburger, München


2009 - 2010