New Building for Flying Squadron of the Federal Police, Oberschleißheim

Project Description

The extents of the building are about 256 m in north-south direction, with a width of 24 to 37 m and a height up to 17,5m.
The centre of the complex is the administration building which includes the main entrance and the operating room.  The helicopter hangars are located on the north and south side of the building. Sliding gates can be opened over nearly the full length of the hangars to give easy access from the apron. The two-storey annex on the western side of the hangars includes offices and workshops.
The two-storey annex and the administration building are designed as reinforced concrete structure.
The roof structure of the column-free maintenance, washing and parking hangar for the helicopters consists of a timber truss girder (h = 4,0 m) with a maximum span up to 54 m and large glulam beams (h = 2,0 m) as secondary beams.  The span of the secondary beams is approx. 23m.
The roofing of the hangars is made of ribbed elements from wood-based material covered with insulation and waterproofing.

Dimensions of the hangars:
-    Parking hangar: 23,9x109,1m
-    Maintenance hangar: 23,9x72,5m
-    Washing hangar:  23,9x20,6m


Staatliches Bauamt München 1


Brockstedt Bergfeld Petersen, Kiel


12.493 m² / 92.310 m³