Multi-Story Car Park P14 with Stuttgart Airport Bus-Terminal (SAB)

Project Description

North of the Stuttgart Airport Terminals 3 and 4, the multi-storey car parking P14 with an integrated station for long-distance coaches on the ground floor, the 'Stuttgart Airport Bus-Terminal' (SAB), is built. The building with a floor plan of 206 x 36 m provides approx. 1.600 parking spaces, distributed to six stories above the SAB. In contrast to the upper car parking floors, the bus terminal has to be designed for a fire-rating of 90 minutes.

The main structure consists of a steel/concrete-composite skeleton structure. The staircases and the service facilities outside of the building, the spiral access ramp, as well as the pedestrian bridge connecting to the airport terminals are constructed as conventional reinforced concrete structures. A pile foundation system is used for the columns of the multi-storey car park. For the staircases, used as a bracing system against wind load and seismic forces, and for the spiral access ramp, a reinforced concrete base plate is used as a foundation.

Due to temperature effects in combination with the elongated floor plan as well as the external bracing elements, several special steel details had to be engineered to create custom-built movement joints with a directional force transfer.


Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH (Stuttgart Airport)

Buidling Design (joint venture)

wulf architekten (object planning),
Mayr | Ludescher | Partner (object planning, structural engineering),
Drees & Sommer ABT (building services engineering)

Planning- & Construction-Period