Iron Bridge Regensburg

Project Description

Road Bridge overcrossing the river Danube. Steel construction with an orthotropic plate and a bearing free arch-frame-mainstructure with a length of 81 m and a width of 16 m. A filigree design of the road bridge is achieved by using high strenght steel grades S460 and S690.


City of Regensburg

Object Planning & Construction Management

Mayr|Ludescher|Partner in working group
with architect Auer + Weber, Munich

Structural Design


Planning- & Construction-Period

1987 - 1989


Special Prize Design Competition
Civil Engineering Prize 1992
German Steel Construction Prize 1994 (Recognition)
Steel Innovation Prize 1994


Stahlbau 1992 H. 10, DVS-Bericht Bd. 131, Detail 1992 H.4, Springerverlag

Sonderveröffentlichung 3. Donaubrückenkonferenz 1998


Fachhochschule Regensburg 1991
Brückenseminar TU-München 1996
3rd Donaubrückenkonferenz 1998 in Regensburg