Expansion and renovation Kurhaus Bad Vilbel

Project Description

The extension building to the existing historical Kurhaus consists of a civic centre with a two-story underground car park and an orangery. The jointless construction is built of water-resistant/-impermeable concrete.

In an extreme case the basement will be embedded into the water table up to 7.5 meters. The activation of the base layers under the foundation footing for buoyancy protection (prevention of uplift) will be ensured by the utilization of micropiles that are 6.5 meters long. They are anchored in the foundation plate and have a distance of 3.0 x 4.0 meters.

The storey slabs are constructed as point supported flat slabs without the usage of any beams which leaves maximum flexibility for the use of the building. Different technical installations are integrated in the slabs. To reduce the deformation, certain areas of the slabs are built in an elevated state.

As the main hall can be used for different events, its floor is loaded with high loads in changing positions, for example by the mobile stand construction. The floor spans 19.5 meters and is constructed as a steel-concrete-composite slab. The welded steel trusses are filled with concrete for fire protection.

The truss girders of the roof construction span 28.6 meters and start at a height of 3.0 meters, increasing to 4.0 meters towards the centre. Temporary support for the roof during the construction period can be avoided by using a 20 centimeter HOLORIB composite floor.

As it was in the scope of the contract we provided a concept to ensure security for the excavation. The shoring as a steel sheet piling requires two anchoring layers around the anchorage and partially continuous straps at anchor height. The foundation of the existing historical building had to be reinforced with a high-pressure injection to ensure stability.



ARGE Kurhausprojekt Bad Vilbel


vielmo architekten gmbh

Gross Area / Volume

30 400 m² / 137 000 m²


2018 - 2020