Fire department storage & service yard, Güglingen

Project Description

The construction consists of four building parts, which are different due to function and construction:

- Hangar wing, 5 vehicle hangars, department storage and wash hall

- Fire fighter locker rooms, one level, on the backside of the hall

- Service building, two levels

- Connection building (Foyer), two levels

The base construction of the hangar wing consists of a solid concrete structure. The hangar roof structure consists of glued-laminated timber girders with no additional purlins and a roof plate made out of wood-based material. The service building consists of a solid concrete structure on the ground floor and a timber-structure including a laminated timber-ceiling on the first-floor.


City of Güglingen


Werkgemeinschaft Guttenberger, Stuttgart

Gross Area / Volume

- / 17.800 m³


2001 - 2006