Lennepark and Pedestrian Bridge, Altena

In the limited competition to design a Lennepark with a pedestrian bridge to connect the train station with the city center, lohrer.hochrein landscape architects and city planners with Mayr|Ludescher|Partner and ama architekturbüro michael auerbacher as working group won the 1. prize.

Extract from the description of the structural system:
"With the inclination of the stiffening beam by 20 ° to the outside, it nearly is in balance with the eccentrically arranged runway. The one-sided arrangement of the longitudinal support structure creates a torsional moment from traffic load. It is derived over rigid connected posts and crossbars into the, as a shear panel designed, deck and the box-like main girder. The abutments are arranged outside of the waterfront structure and thus don’t cause any obstruction in the event of a flood. (...)"

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