1st Prize Competition DZNE Bonn

First Prize in the interdisciplinary competition for a new research center of the DZNE in Bonn within the team of general planners led by the architects of wulf architekten.

"The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) has announced on Thursday, September 8th 2011, the winner of the interdisciplinary design competition for the construction of its new research building complex in Bonn. The first prize was awarded to the team of general planners of wulf architekten including IWP Stuttgart responsible for the building services, Mayr|Ludescher|Partner Consulting Engineers Stuttgart for the structural design, and the Adler|Olesch Mainz for the landscaping architecture. The prominently cast jury of the competition under the chair of the renowned architect Prof. Kirstin Schemel came to this decision unanimously and has recommended the winning design for realization.” (Extract of the press release of the DZNE.)

“According to the judgment of the competition jury the originator of the design has succeeded in an excellent manner to create a distinctive appearance for the DZNE with a separate identity. The building complex signalizes a specific quality and innovation and in addition has a pleasant and welcoming character. The building landscape consisting of the three building parts integrates itself in various ways aesthetically and sensible into the environment.” (Extract of the competition transcript.)

Further information: [phase eins] (in German)

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