German Embassy in Cairo

First Prize in the interdisciplinary design competition for the new building of the German embassy in Cairo within the general planning team led by vielmo architekten, Berlin.

"(...) The sculptural building configuration is responding differentiated to the external space und creates a dialogue between the “Solids” and the “Voids”. What is articulated through the composition of the large volume keeps on repeating in a sophisticated manner on a smaller scale within the internal setting of the volume.
(...) The material manifestation of the building is being proposed with a relaxed sovereignty: the chosen building materials as natural stone, brick and timber are representing genuine furnishings, which are promising a dignified ageing within the climate of Cairo, will be an expression of a lively and timeless architectural style.

(...) The project is convincing through its simplicity and represents a subtle answer with an extremely high representative and worthy character for the German Embassy in a foreign country." (extract from the written assessment of the jury)

The jury unanimously recommends to commission the first prize winner with the realization of the project.

Further information (in German): BBR

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