Engineering Structures Guide for Baden-Württemberg

Our built environment is not only shaped by classic building constructions but also by civil engineering structures such as slender bridges, extraordinary towers, wide-span halls, tunnels with specialized construction techniques, and many more.

In modern construction engineering, placing special demands both on the structural design and the aesthetic shaping, civil engineers, usually being in the leading role here, often closely work together with architects on outstanding structures that are mainly characterized by their function and the special construction process.

The "IngenieurbauFührer" (Engineering Structures Guide) published by the Chamber of Engineers of Baden-Württemberg (authors: Stephan Engelsmann, Robert Pawlowski, Jörg Schlaich, Matthias Schüller) contains more than 100 of such structures with special significance for the state of Baden-Württemberg (>> Link to the publisher).

The project "Voliere Wilhelma, Stuttgart", a cable net structure and at the same time a classic Stuttgart lightweight construction, inspired by the research and developments of Frei Otto, realized by us in cooperation with Auer and Weber Architects BDA, was chosen as the cover picture of this book.

The publication contains several structures designed and planned by Mayr Ludescher Partner Consulting Engineers:

>> Aviary in the Wilhelma, Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt

>> Stuttgart Trade Fair, Exhibition Halls, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

>> Stress-Ribbon Bridge "Unterer Grund", Stuttgart-Vaihingen

>> Arch Bridge Vier-Burgen-Steg, Stuttgart-Mühlhausen

>> Cable-Stayed Bridge crossing the Neckar, Neckartailfingen


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