Competition Brückenplatz Lüdenscheid

2. Prize in the interdisziplinary design competition for a new pedestrian bridge and a public space within the framework of the development program "DENKFABRIK" in Lüdenscheid. Collaboration with lohrer.hochrein landscaping architects and Day & Light lightning design.

Extract from the description of the structural system: "The continuous beam-system as a structural steel hollow section with small spans and the bridge flooring consisting of textile concrete plates are resutling in a very filigree cross section of the bridge. The large length of the slender steel columns which are monolithically connected to the superstructure and which are cantilevering from the foundation will enable movements of the bridge superstructure due to temperature variations with only small contraining forces. Therefore, maintenance-intensive bearing construtions are avoided totally. Horizontal bracing is achieved by the fixed columns as well as the connection to the elevator shaft and to the "balcony" structure."

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