John Cranko School Stuttgart

For the new construction of the John Cranko School in Stuttgart, extensive measures became necessary for the construction pit support system as well as for the foundations of the building structure itself directly located on a hillside. The construction site is situated between two street levels with a height difference of 20 meters.

The construction pit presents itself here as a recess within the natural hill. The construction pit support system was required not only for securing the hill but also as a securing measure for several existing buildings. This was achieved by application of both bored pile walls with multiple anchors and soil nailing walls with infill; both systems were executed partially as a temporary and partially as a permanent construction.

For the foundation of the new building of the famous ballet school, a bored pile foundation is applied as well. Due to the four different foundation levels and the resulting geometric complexity, it was necessary to coordinate the foundation piles of the building and the inclined soil anchors of the support system by a complete three-dimensional building model.

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